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A lure course is a mechanically operated lure that dogs chase through course involving a series of obstacles and turns. This activity is an excellent cardio workout for your dog, builds endurance, agility and stamina, while working directly with your dogs natural instinct to chase. Lure coursing works great for any dog that has a high prey drive. During the first lure course session, we work on helping your dog to gain confidence and understanding of the system, but it usually doesn't take long for a dog to start chasing.


This activity is not recommended for dogs who have sustained any injury to their muscles or joints or those who have had a recent surgery (included spay or neuter), so please let us know prior to your session.

You can add our lure course feature to either of our packages for an additional $5 per session.


Exercise is important for maintaining your dog's physical health. But, mental stimulation is equally as important for maintaining your dog's overall well-being, happiness and positive behaviour. Just like humans, dogs benefit from new learning experiences and challenges. It takes repetition for a dog to learn something new, which means that training and practice are great forms of mental stimulation. At K9 Fit, we use a variety of puzzles, toys and games to allow your dog to think, solve and receive rewards.


We love pack walks at K9 Fit because they help build a dog's confidence, increase socialization skills, learn to ignore common distractions, and give structure and purpose to a basic walk. Our balanced pack of dogs help teach "newcomers" the proper ways to perform on a walk. In some cases, we also use weighted backpacks to help ignite a dog's natural instinct to "work" by giving them a "job" to do during their walk. It also helps drain additional energy and add a strengthening aspect to the walk. 

Did you know a 15-minute walk with a weighted backpack is equivalent to a 30-minute walk without a backpack? Isn't that amazing?!


If you are coming to K9 Fit because you want to improve your dog's leash manners, or because your dog is reactive towards other dogs, please let us know beforehand so we can modify our our session to better fit your dog's needs.


Treadmill training can be extremely beneficial to dogs of all shapes and sizes. It is done in a temperature-controlled environment, so whether it's raining, snowing or crazy hot outside, you dog can still enjoy physical exercise without any environmental disruptions. Treadmill training also results in less stress on your dog's joints, and because we can manually control the speed, it is a perfect activity for rehabilitation or intensive training. Treadmill training is PERFECT for high-energy dogs, sporting dogs and herding dogs. Dogs who love to run and require a high-level of activity and stimulation to be happy will love the treadmill once they get used to it. 

Some dogs can be scared or hesitant of the treadmill at first, and this is completely normal. We will work with your dog to help them gain confidence on the treadmill. This may take one session or multiple sessions, it is completely dependent on the dog, and that is okay.

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